Tuscany, Italy

Travel Diary | An Italian Getaway

When it comes to culture and cuisine, you can’t get much better than Italy. Packed with its ancient history, sophisticated cities and rolling countryside, Italy makes the perfect location for a week-long getaway. We wanted to visit some of the big names, such as Rome and Florence, but we were also keen to explore some of Italy’s hidden treasures in the tranquil landscape of Tuscany.

Jack recently acquired a Minolta X-370 film camera. Yes, a leap back in time, but a good excuse to get some retro-looking photos of our trip. Having hard copies of photos also meant we could put them in actual physical album, which is always nice to look back on!


Starting off in Tuscany, we stayed in the hill-top medieval village of Roccastrada. We hired a car so we could take leisurely road trips to different places in the Tuscany region. We spent a day at a lovely secluded beach in Cala Violina, enjoyed an Aperol spritz or two at Scarlino Marina, and explored a few traditional Tuscan villages along the way.

Tuscany, ItalyTuscany, ItalyTuscany, ItalyTuscany, Italy


Next, we hopped on a high-speed train to the grand old city of Rome. As we only had a limited amount of time here, we made sure to make the most of it with a jam-packed 2-day itinerary. We ticked off all the main sights including the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican Museum and St Peter’s Basilica. According to Fitbit we racked up a whopping 30,000 steps per day!

Rome, ItalyRome, ItalyRome, ItalyRome, Italy


The final stretch of our trip involved a visit to the charming city of Florence. Not only does Florence boast some of the world’s finest art and architecture, but it’s also a place to feast on some of the most delicious food in Italy. From the terracotta views of the Duomo to the vibrant viewpoints along the Arno River, Florence marked the perfect end to our Italian escape.

Florence, ItalyFlorence, ItalyFlorence, ItalyFlorence, Italy

Here’s a short video of our Italian getaway:

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