7Bone Burger Co Portsmouth Review

Review | 7Bone Burger Co. Portsmouth

There are burgers… And then there are 7Bone Burgers. I’d previously visited the 7Bone in Southampton and absolutely loved their offering of no-nonsense American comfort food. So when we found out there was a new 7Bone opening in Portsmouth, we simply had to check it out.

7Bone Burger Co Portsmouth Review

Located in the heart of Portsmouth’s Guildhall Walk, it’s no surprise that this is a pretty popular place. One drawback is that you can’t book in advance, but we arrived at 6:30 on a Friday evening and didn’t have any trouble getting a table. The 7Bone vibe is fairly informal, emphasised by its minimal décor with stripped-back brick walls, industrial chairs and retro lighting. Although this can make the restaurant seem a bit rough and unfinished, it fits with the overall theme. I particularly like their fuss-free kitchen roll instead of napkins – this was certainly appreciated!

7Bone Burger Co Portsmouth Review

Clipboard menu in hand, we were ready to order. There’s a good selection of drinks, from craft beers to cocktails and milkshakes galore. I went for a ‘French Bone’ which was gin, honey, lemon juice, strawberry and prosecco, and came in a cute little glass jar. The menu has a great range of burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches, each with their own quirky names. And don’t get me started on the sides! The entire menu looked so mouth-wateringly good it made it impossible to choose. After much deliberation, we went halves on the following…

Robert Johnson

aged beef patty, cheese, truffled garlic shrooms, truffle mayo

Halloumi fries

fried halloumi cut into large fries

For me, the truffley garlicy mayo made this burger, and the halloumi fries were just as good as I imagined. Extremely filling, but hands down one of the best burgers I’d had in a long time.

7Bone Burger Co Portsmouth Review

One big chicken

buttermilk fried chicken, hash brown, cheese, chipotle ketchup, hp sauce, mayo

Dirty fries

skinny fries, dirty spread, lettuce, smoked bacon

True to its name, this burger was a monster to eat, but very enjoyable. The fries made the perfect side as they were tasty but not too filling, and that dirty spread is a real winner.

7Bone Burger Co Portsmouth Review

Overall, I think the number of times the menu mentions the word ‘dirty’ sums up the 7Bone experience. If you’re looking for feel-good comfort food (and top-quality burgers) in a laid-back environment, then 7Bone is the one.

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